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Doctor Who - the newest incarnation

For all the fans old and new.

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For the new generation of Doctor Who fans
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You've known about Doctor Who, but you've never really watched it. After all, it's all just scarves, rubbery aliens and silly hats, and you've got other things to do with your time.

Then 2005 came, and suddenly there's a new series of Doctor Who on BBC1. You rather enjoyed the first episode. In fact, you enjoyed it enough to start digging around for some more information about the show. Or maybe you just want to enjoy the new series in a separate little bubble of its own.

And that's what this community is for. For all of the fans who have just been tipped into the world of Doctor Who but aren't sure how to go about it. It's for all fans of the Who-verse, old and new, to talk about the newest incarnation of the Doctor. It's for information and explanations of previous incarnations in relation to the newest incarnation. It's for fanfiction, fanart, icons and everything that goes with it. This includes Torchwood related items, as long as a mention of Torchwood is put in the subject header. If it's to do with new Who then it belongs in this comm.

... D'you want to come with me?

Things to remember.
1. hathy_col created this community. She is small, fluffy and intrinsically evil. Remember this if you are a troll.
2. not_vacillating is the sane maintainer, who provides more useful stuff than intrinsic evil. Come to one of us if there is a problem.
3. loneraven is the Tech!Mod. Lovely graphics are her doing.
4. More than three icons under a cut, and reduced size wallpapers as samples. Anything rated over '15' (that's an R for Americans) to go behind a cut. Spoilers (including Torchwood) get the same treatment. DO NOT ban comments on entries, it makes it difficult to archive. Default icon is created by __kali__.

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