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Necking - (12, Nardole, Bill)

Title: Necking
Author: betawho
Rating: G
Characters: 12th Doctor, Nardole, Bill Potts
Words: 617

Summary: Bill Potts walks in on the 12th Doctor doing something very strange to Nardole's neck...( Read more... )
Title: Come and Fall
Pairing: Thirteenth Doctor/Missy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: "You fell," Missy said blandly. - "What, right into your arms?"
A/N: Set directly after Twice Upon a Time.

Come and Fall

He Wasn't a Boy - Doctor Who

Title: He Wasn't a Boy
Author: betawho
Rating: PG
Characters: 11th Doctor, River Song
Words: 513

Summary: Despite his boyish exterior, the Doctor was not a boy. Most people refused to see below the surface... (Read More...)

Domestic Bliss - 12th Doctor, River Song

Title: Domestic Bliss
Author: betawho
Rating: G
Characters: 12th Doctor, River Song
Words: 295

Summary - They'd taken a house for their 24 year long night on Darillium. It was novel for both of them to actually live together. She was finding it was full of unexpected pleasures...(Read More...)
Title: Stay and Die, Leave and Live
Characters: Twelfth Doctor, Missy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: He asks her to stay; she leaves instead.
A/N: Set toward the end of The Doctor Falls.

AO3 | DW
Title: Walk Inside Yourself
Relationships: Missy & Twelfth Doctor, Missy & TARDIS
Rating: PG-13
Content tags: Episode Related, Empress of Mars, the Vault
Summary: Missy and the Vault. Missy and one of her victims, a.k.a. the TARDIS. And always, Missy and the Doctor.

AO3 | DW

FIC: In Darkness (Twelve/Missy) [PG-13]

Title: In Darkness
Pairing: Twelfth Doctor/Missy
Rating: PG-13
Summary: How can I save them when I'm lost to the dark?
A/N: Set at the end of Extremis.

AO3 | DW